Propagation Trays

Containerwise Long-Life Propagation Trays Strength and Rigidity come as standard –Buy Once Use for Years!

Our Long-Life Propagation Trays

  • Are Injection-moulded in tough, UV stabilised recyclable Polypropylene,¬†making them friendly to the plant, to the user, and to the environment
  • Are available in a large range of sizes and cell volumes
  • Have anti-spiral root ribs in each model to assist air-pruning and plant establishment
  • Are rigid in construction and dimensionally stable for general handling and automation purposes
  • Are available in a range of colours for identification purposes
  • Dramatically reduce recycling costs

Our range of injection moulded long-life Propagation trays are suitable for all Horticultural sectors, from Bedding Plants / Ornamentals, Vegetables, Nursery Stock and Shrubs & trees. But as we say… The trays do not mind what is grown in them – the choice is yours.

We have categorised our Long-Life Propagation / Seed Trays into 600 x 400mm Trays, 500/540 x 300mm Trays, 350 x 215mm Shallow and Deep Cell Trays and Deep Propagation / Seed Trays.

And don’t forget…

We are constantly changing, updating and increasing our range of Propagation / Seed Growing Trays available. Therefore if you’re looking for a specific 600 x 400mm Tray, 500/540 x 300mm Propagation Tray, 350 x 215mm Propagation Tray, or Deep Cell Propagation Tray that you can’t find on listed our website, please let us know via our Enquiries Page or call. We are not growers but have decades of experience of supplying trays to the industry and may be able to offer you advice.

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