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Charles Dowding Propagation Trays

NOW AVAILABLE! Introducing the Charles Dowding Base Tray and Polycarbonate Greenhouse Lid. Designed Specifically For Our Eco Friendly Propagation Trays…

Charles Dowding Propagation Trays

Please note that the Charles Dowding Propagation Trays CD15, CD30 and CD60 photographs are not to scale. The cell size in each tray is the same.
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Our Partnership with Charles Dowding

Containerwise began working with “No-dig” gardening specialist Charles Dowding in early 2020

Charles has been aware of our long-life propagation trays for a number of years and has used both the 40L and 77L trays. Charles was seeking a tray which was long-life, UV stabilised and economical on compost, whilst producing high quality seedlings/plants. Hence the tapered cells which require less compost, and result in no water logging around the roots. Charles sought also a wide hole at the bottom, so that plants can be pushed up easily, which happens in all Containerwise trays thanks to the smooth and solid cell sides, which enable an intact root ball when transplanting. Our partnership with Charles has culminated in the design of the innovative CD60 tray, which came to fruition in late December 2020 when the first CD60 propagation tray was sold. Sales of the CD60 tray have been beyond expectations and the feedback from users, which has been received by both Containerwise and Charles Dowding has been extremely positive. We received many requests from users asking about the possibility of us bringing both a 15 and 30 cell version of the CD60 tray to the market. Spring 2022 has seen the arrival of both the CD15 and CD30 long-life propagation trays.

Charles Dowding Propagation Trays

Charles Dowding Seed Propagation

Charles Dowding Seed Propagation Trays

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