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Our website delivery is programmed based upon the rates provided by our shipping agent InXpress and Royal Mail, to ship to the UK mainland, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Customers in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands may find our website quotes a very expensive shipping cost. In this event, please contact us directly and we will do our best to find an alternative cheaper method of shipping.

You will receive a notification email when your order has been dispatched.

Post Brexit 0 we are no longer able to ship to the European Union (EU) and also to countries such as Russia and Norway, which would involve parcels travelling through EU countries to reach their final destination. We have therefore set up a number of resellers to enable overseas customers to be able to continue to purchase our propagation trays.

Please click here to view delivery information on our resellers.


We have a worldwide customer base and work closely with both National and International shipping agents to ship pallets to all areas of the UK and Worldwide.

Please contact us directly for orders of 100 or more trays and we will happily provide a quotation including shipping costs.


Delivery on small orders are packed in corrugated cardboard cartons, which are manufactured using at least 60% recycled materials and starch based adhesives, which means they can be easily and completely recycled at any paper recycling plant. Cardboard is biodegradable and will decompose naturally. The starch based adhesive used to hold the layers together is not harmful to the environment. Cardboard can also be composted.

Carton Sealing
We use eco-friendly kraft paper tape to securely seal our parcels. The tape is fully recyclable or can be composted.

Wrapping / Filling of voids
To help our products reach you in perfect condition, we sometimes use corrugated paper, which is manufactured with 100% recycled material and can be completely recycled or composted once used. We also use void fill to help protect the contents of our parcels in the event of them being dropped in transit. The void fill material we use is manufactured from maize grit, water, herbal extractions, with a patented non-hazardous manufacturing method. The void fill will dissolve when in contact with water.

Other Packing Materials
Occasionally we may use non-recyclable packing material such as plastic bubble wrap. Please be assured this is material that has been used by our suppliers to transport goods to us. We never buy non-recyclable packaging but believe if a non-recyclable packing material already exists, we may as well reuse it.