Dib Popper – 77 L&H *Free Shipping*

Dib Popper – 77 L&H *Free Shipping*

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The Dib Popper provides a fast, clean, consistent solution to dibbing propagation trays, and popping seedlings.

To dib holes for sowing, simply position the Dib Popper over your propagation tray and press down firmly.

This will create consistent holes, perfect for accommodating most types of seed.

To eject your seedlings, place the Dib Popper on a flat surface, and gently lower your propagation tray over the top.

Your plants will pop up, making it easy to remove each planted cell.

The inside wall of the Dib Popper frame will guide the propagation tray into position for perfect alignment when dibbing and popping.

The Dib Popper is handmade in England with care and attention, and double coated with a non toxic, durable, weatherproof sealant.

The Dib Popper is exclusive to Containerwise and will be dispatched direct from the manufacturer.

Prices are inclusive of VAT and postage and packaging.

Current models available for: Charles Dowding CD60, Containerwise 28L, 40L and 77L cell trays.

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