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Huw Richards Propagation Trays

NOW AVAILABLE! Introducing the Huw Richards Base Tray and Polycarbonate Greenhouse Lid. Designed Specifically For Our Eco Friendly Propagation Trays…

Huw Richards Propagation Trays

Huw Richards Propagation Trays HR10 (10 Cell with Tray Size: 230mm x 96mm x 60mm) and HR20 (20 Cell with Tray Size: 230mm x 202mm x 60mm).

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From: £23.50 including VAT

New from Huw Richards and Containerwise

The HR10 & HR20 propagation trays have been developed to complement the existing 40L but offering a reduction in cell count. On many occasions in non-commercial sites 40 plants may be far too many and 10 plants or 20 plants may be preferred. Like all the other propagation trays in our range the HR10 and HR20 is made from uv-stabilised recyclable polypropylene. Providing the user with many years of use and helping to reduce the demand for flimsy single use propagation trays, which often end up in landfill after one or two uses. For more information or enquiries, please contact us.

“As many of my followers will know my favourite tray in the Containerwise range is the 40L. The HR10 & HR20 offer the same cell size but are perfect for when you need fewer plants or need smaller trays to maximise your propagation space”

Huw Richards HR10 Propagation Tray

Huw Richards Seed Propagation Trays

Huw Richards HR20 Propagation Tray

Huw Richards Propagation Trays: My Propagation Setup for Annual Vegetables – Compost, Watering, Space etc